Sunday, November 8, 2009

Autumn in Avignon

I haven't posted any pictures yet from vacation. And I know that's not right.

Walk out of the youth hostel, turn left and see: the Rhone River, the Pont d'Avignon (do you know the song?), and a little bit of Notre-Dame-des-Doms and the Palais des Papes.

Le Palais des Papes, 14th century home to the popes and their entourage.
It's mostly huge and stone, with cool features like secret underground coffers to stash their wealth.

Inside, looking out.

Less than an hour away from Marseille by train, yet Avignon looks totally different -- it actually looks like fall. The color of the stone and the particular quality of fallness made me surprisingly nostalgic for Paris.


  1. love the photos :-) i had no idea you were visiting Avignon or i would have come down and said hello, i hope all is well!

  2. aw! i knew there had to be someone i could have hung out with... networking fail!