Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunshiney hiking

Apparently the day after Easter is a holiday around here. This country, it's full of surprises. So there was no 8:10 bus to Aix this morning, and as we were sipping our coffee/hot chocolate and planning Plan B, Plan B called us to go hiking. We rode in the overflow car of the caravan with a lovely couple I'd met once (who turned out to be the parents of one of my students), and promptly got lost. We didn't end up finding my friends, but we did have an extraordinary hike high above the sea under the glorious Provencal sun, in a relatively lush region close to Toulon. Vegetation here includes "white cystes" that are actually pink, and l'herbe de schmourf ("Smurf grass"), which is not even close to the color of "Smurf ice-cream."

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